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Vertical Reserve - Pacayal La Florencia

Our first single origin from Honduras, the Pacayal La Florencia shows a lovely balanced complexity, with stone fruit notes to the fore.

12oz. bag – whole bean




The Story

A proud partnership between Pacayal Coffee, Sustainable Harvest, and Coffeebar.


Pacayal Coffee is a producing cooperative in the La Paz region of Honduras. We have actually been working with them via the importer Sustainable Harvest for several years now, with their coffee being a regular feature in our Zephyr and Giuseppe blends. We were blown away this year though by the coffee contracted, and wanted to share it with everyone as a single origin release. Sustainable Harvest have been raving to us about the improvements made by Pacayal Coffee over the years, and we’re excited to see that so clearly translating to the quality in the cup.

The profile in the cup reminds us of a high-grown Colombia, with sweet corn and stone fruit balanced in a sweet, juicy cup. Depending on brew method, we’ve also experienced notes of apple, cola, and black tea, with a rounded acidity that can really push the flavors.

We talk at the roastery a lot about the idea that the really good sourcing stories are always hidden in the blends. Coffees like La Suiza and Gorilla Summit, where the majority of purchasing we do and the impact we have is because of the use of these coffees as blend components. Pacayal was one of those coffees for us, as it’s featured heavily in the Zephyr for the last several years. It’s exciting then to see the quality of this coffee improve over the years to this point, where when cupping it for production we were blown away and immediately course-corrected with our single origin lineup in order to feature this coffee.

We loved it initially for the bright complexity it showed on the cupping table, but as we’ve dialed in the roast profile feel that it also performs as a really well balanced coffee. It’s not quite at Arlex Munoz level (which was one of the best coffees of the last year), but it’s trending in that direction.


The inspiration for this design comes from the indigenous Lenca pottery, unique to Honduras. Lenca pottery techniques have been passed down from mother to daughter for generations, and the geometric, contemporary design make this pottery some of the most unique found in the Americas. The combination of clay used and pine smoke (used for firing) gives the pottery a range of earthy tones, and a rich coffee-brown and black.

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Greg Buchheister - Founder & CEO
"We are now using paper cups that have 40% less plastic, designed to be recycled into paper products."
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Vertical Reserve - Pacayal La Florencia


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