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Peru – Rosita Venegas


This coffee is a traditional washed coffee from just outside of the city of Jaén, Cajamarca, Peru, by producer Santa Rosita Venegas Silva.

Flavor notes: Brown Sugar, Lemon Blossom, Citric

12oz bag – whole bean



The Story

A proud partnership between Origin Coffee Lab and Coffeebar.

This coffee is a traditional washed coffee from just outside of the city of Jaén, Cajamarca, Peru. The producer, Santa Rosita Venegas Silva, keeps three separate lots in the area that together total 1.75 hectares of production. A reasonable but still modest area under cultivation. Rosita has a motorized de-pulper and ferments their coffee in wooden crates and dries their coffee in solar dryers (think green houses). Rosita carries a handful of organic certifications from the likes of the USDA and Canadian Organic Regime and manages their plots accordingly.

Origin Coffee Lab operates on a distinct model from that of typical Peruvian cooperatives with the goal of providing support systems similar to those of a cooperative while also opening the door for producers to access prices that align with the quality of their production while also maintaining traceability of their coffee.

Rosita’s coffee was selected by the team at Origin as having quality traits that merited sale as a stand-alone lot and was therefore kept separate from the group’s other purchases. Rosita received a premium price from OCL for their coffee and the coffee was then sold at a higher price to the end roaster.

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Peru – Rosita Venegas


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